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Mobile Web Application Templates

The following steps should be completed before using these templates.

  1. After downloading and extracting the project update the following files from the latest .NET Mobile Framework installation.
    • Web/bin/FiftyOne.Foundation.dll
    • Web/bin/FiftyOne.Framework.dll
    • Web/bin/FiftyOne.Framework.MaxMind.dll
    • Web/App_Data/GeoLiteCity.dat
  2. Ensure a valid licence file is placed in the Web/bin folder. The license key obtained for trial, or entered manually during installation can be found in the file called Framework.lic in the installation folder. Purchased license keys can also be found in the invoice.
  3. If using IIS as the web server verify the application pool identity has write and modify privileges to the Web/App_Data folder. These templates default to using a user instance of the Mobile Profile.
Template NameDownloadDescription

51D Sports, a fictitious sports fashion retailer, demonstrates how a product catalogue, shopping basket and store finder can operate on all mobile devices for online retailers.

Images are optimised precisely for the screen size concerned, the location control is used to determine the location of the mobile device in the store finder, and maps are used to show the precise store position.

Flight ReservationDownload

This booking system walks through the process of selecting a departure and destination airport, selecting dates, entering different options, selecting flights and finally displaying a summary.

The location control is used to make the selection of a departure airport simpler and quicker delighting end users. Calendar is used to simplify the entry of dates using touch screens. Two different skins have been created for this demonstration, one for iPhone and the other for Android.

The principles included here could be used for any date or location related mobile web application including; hotel reservations, hire car booking, train tickets or meeting appointments.

.NET Mobile Framework - Create mobile web applications today with ASP.NET

VersionRelease DateStatusDownloadSummary of Changes
  1. Fixed exception in DataList when an XMLDataSource is used with a Pager and records are selected using an XPath expression that uses attributes.

Changes or Fixes

  1. Location control’s logic has been fine tuned to address the inconsistencies of location detection and displaying the results across multiple devices and modes.
  2. Updated the devices patch file with default font sizes and ImageButton with proper size values.
  3. Fixed the issue in assigning the return Url for the generic Mobile Error page using RelativeUrl method.
  4. Updated Calendar default style logic to avoid Calendar width exceeding the device screen width.
  5. Fixed issue in positioning of zoom controls of Map control configured with BingMaps provider.

Known issues

  1. Location control when rendered with GeoCode options throws JavaScript error while entering or editing the value in Search textbox.
  1. Bandwidth feature has been updated to return round trip bandwidth based on the duration and size.
  2. Fixed the issue in inconsistent rendering of Pager while displaying Markers with Map control.
  3. Location control logic has been updated to display latitude and longitude in the standard format.
  4. Toolbox items by default display in alphabetical sorted order.
  5. Build includes the latest wurfl database released in Feb 2011.


  1. Introduced new property called ResponseTime as member of Mobile Profile which gets the average roundtrip time taken between a device and server.
  1. Updated adapters patch file to reflect the recent changes in the latest wurfl device file for Windows Mobile & Palm OS devices.
  1. Extended MobileProfile SQL Express database creation logic to handle security exception using custom exception type.
  2. Has New beta license key which expires on mid of March.
  1. Installer has been extended with auto license key generation option to simplify Trial period installation.
  2. Includes the latest WURFL device file which is released on March 6th 2011.
  3. Updated Adapters patch file to cover wide range of Nokia Series, Devices based on mobile browsers NetFront 3x above and Polaris.
  1. Made installation simple by eliminating additional steps and inputs.
  2. Included Tutorials in PDF format for quick start. 
  3. Has improved version of API Help.
  1. Fixed issues related to date(s) selection of Simple or Non-JavaScript version of Calendar control.
  2. Updated Styles control logic to facilitate AND operator.
  3. This release can be installed as upgrade above the previously installed versions of Framework.
  1. eTags are now used to improve the performance by caching data locally to the device.
  2. Removed the depency on the Session and custom SessionIDManager from MobileProfile feature. Which makes MobileProfile feature free from Session context.

    Important: If any Mobile Web applications implemented using previous versions of Framework are upgraded to use this new version the SessionIDManager attribute of the system.web\sessionState element in the web.config file should be removed as it is no longer used to generate SessionIDs.

  3. Resolved minor issues with the Calendar control.
  4. For a complete list of changes please see the Release Notes.
  1. Upgraded Installer logic to perfrom auto upgrade of the previous installations. If previous version of .Net Mobile Framework is found then the installer silently uninstalls and installs the new version. As a result during an upgrade the installation installer repeats the steps such as Copying files and Configuring Visual Studio resulting in multiple messages being displayed.
  2. The AllowMultipleSelection property value in Calendar control is now maintained during Postbacks.
  3. The web.config fiftyOne/themes child elements can now use the same Property values.
  1. This release includes changes or updates to the following features:

    Login Control, MobileProfile, Calendar, WURFL device file and more.

  2. For complete list of changes please see the Release Notes.

Contains following features requested by customers:

  1. Web.config does not need to contain configuration settings. An alternative configuration file can be used to improve configuration management.
  2. Calendar control can be be configured with an maximum number of selectable dates.
  3. Login control performs better at Design Time.
  4. Projects will automatically ask to be upgraded to the latest version when loaded in Visual Studio.
  5. For complete list of changes please see the Release Notes.

Contains following changes or updates requested by customers:

  1. When a date is unselected in the Calendar control will fire the SelectionChanged event.
  2. MobileProfile enabled controls contain a new property called PersistState to control the control data persistence to the MobileProfile.
  3. TableItemStyle type based control properties have been extended to support CssStyle applying through the new public property called Style
  4. For complete list of changes please see the Release Notes.

Contains following changes or updates requested by customers:

  1. New: Includes solution to address iPad list controls items selection issue when AutoPostback is set to true.
  2. New: Five standard themes added to ensure consistent look and feel.
  3. Composite controls has been enhanced for developers to have complete control over the look and feel of controls.

For complete list of changes please see the Release Notes.

Contains following changes or updates requested by customers:

  1. Supports MediumTrust configuration in .Net 4.
  2. Raw Mobile Profile IDs are generated randomly improving security.
  3. Support for multi selection Lists on WebOS.
  4. Has new adapter sets for HP TouchPad and other HP webOS devices.

For complete list of changes please see the Release Notes.

Contains following changes or updates requested by customers:

  1. Included Mobile Web Content Form template.
  2. CalculateImageSize property of AdRotator control is converted as design-time property.
  3. Contains minor changes to the themes, Outlook and Gray.

Contains following changes or updates:

  1. Changed page compression technique to improve performance with large list boxes.

Contains following changes or updates:

  1. Fine tunned the compression technique to improve performance and accuracy.

Contains following changes or updates:

  1. Includes updated API Help for developers.

Contains following changes or updates:

  1. Supports Medium Trust configuration in .Net 2.
  2. Updated Visual Studio 2010 template for script authorization issue.
  3. Latitude and Longitude properties of Map and Location control type has been changed to double from string.

Contains following changes or updates:

  • Integrated with device data of binary lite version.Which loads device data faster and consumes less memory because of the smaller data file size.

Contains following changes or updates:

  1. Includes the version of Lite device data.

Contains following changes or updates:

  • Fixed the ViewPort issue which was affecting the page content to look smaller on Andorid based devices.

Contains following changes or updates:

  1. Extended Page weight reduction logic to check for the valid XML document before performing the page compression to avoid invlid compression of page content.
  2. Has included latest latest Lite Device Data.

Contains following changes or updates:

  1. Fixed the issue in Pager control to avoid setting the property EnableThemes after Init event.
  2. Has updated FileUpload control logic to use the new browser capability to determine the browser support for appropriate rendering.

Contains following changes or updates:

  1. Amended Latitude/Longitude dependant controls like Location and Map to support Globalization, which avoids rendering the wrong map area and interprets the auto detected location information in the right order.
Contains following changes or updates:
  1. Uses the Support.cs class of the Foundation project for configuration file access. 
  2. Resolved a problem with the ThemesSection and related classes when reading themes configuration from configuration files other than the web.config file.
Contains following changes or updates:
  1. The Image routines will use .NET’s GIF resizing routines to avoid quantizing exceptions generated from the GDI. JPG and PNG are the preferred image types when the device supports them.
  2. ImageHandler will now return HTTP status code 404 when an invalid image index is provided to it. A warning message will also be written to the log file indicating the source of the invalid image request.
  3. Resources can now be referenced in a webform to use relative urls.

Status Definition

Stable - We recommend developers new to 51Degrees use the latest stable version.

Beta - Contains changes ready for beta testers to try and feedback their experiences to us. These releases should not be used in production environments and are provided to external developers wishing to provide input into product changes.

.NET Mobile Framework - Trial License Key


If the installer does not automatically obtain a trial license key please login and return to this page for instructions.


Download popular examples projects created by 51Degrees. 

  1. Ensure a valid licence key is contained in the Framework.lic file of Examples template. The license key obtained for trial, or entered manually during installation can be found in the file called Framework.lic in the installation folder. License keys purchases via this site can be found on the invoice.
  2. Please set value of the bingMapsKey attribute of the maps section in the web.config to test the Map control with the BingMaps provider. Follow these steps to obtain a Bing key.
  3. Before testing the Login control use the Project Menu -> ASP.Net Configuration option to setup the login credentials.

Other Downloads

MaxMind Library & Source