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Do I need a Mobile Web Site?

Most mobile industry analysts predict global web browsing on mobile devices will overtake the desktop during 2015. More new internet connections are already from mobile devices than desktop or laptop computers. This growing trend means your business needs a mobile presence.

Creating a mobile website for your organisation is simple, but guaranteeing that it will work for every mobile device is where the work really begins. This is where we come in.  Here at 51Degrees.mobi we understand that mobile web applications must be designed with the end user in mind.

Our software detects the exact mobile device accessing your website and provides the best possible experience for the mobile user.

Optimising mobile Internet for your organisation

Using a standard website on mobile devices will result in a slow and confusing user experience.  Our products enable you to optimise your existing website for the mobile web.

We help you ensure that all end users have the same positive experience, regardless of the handset used, from the iPad to BlackBerry and older-generation web-enabled feature phones.


The continuing performance gap between mobile and desktop web speeds remains a challenge for website owners. We know that the distance from the radio transmitter, atmospherics, and the total number of people using their mobiles will all affect your users experience.

Our products can improve the experience for mobile users by delivering only what they need to shop or browse when they visit your website. Our software removes excess data that will slow mobile connections down.

Don’t get left behind

The demand for mobile web will continue to grow, so your website must be designed for mobile users. By using our software you can give visitors to your website a positive experience regardless of mobile device used. This will ensure that they keep coming back again and again.

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