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What mobile phones are supported?

51Degrees.mobi will support any mobile device with an internet connection and a web browser. From small screen, joystick controls to the latest iPad, the same mobile web application will work on them all.


On the right you will see a series of photos taken from real mobile devices running our eCommerce demonstration. Notice how the application displays consistently. You can access this demonstration now via this web browser, or via your mobile device, by clicking here.


Our ASP.NET controls contain adapters to render markup, CSS styling and javascript uniquely for the requesting mobile device. We can do this because we can accurately identify the device on the server, and have created adapter sets for every combination of mobile device. We've then tested them on hundreds of real mobile devices. We continue to create new adapter sets for as new mobile devices come onto the market.

Real Mobile Devices and Testing

For a full list of real mobile devices and handsets we've tested 51Degrees.mobi with click here.

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Requires Visual Studio 2008 or 2010 and ASP.NET v2 or greater.

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One Application : Every Mobile Device

Apple iPad - iOS 3.2 - US - AT&T