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We've produced a number of demonstrations that can be used to accelerate the deployment of mobile web applications using the 51Degrees .Net Mobile Framework product. Demonstrations can be experienced now using the following links within this web browser. Different mobile devices can be selected to simulate the mobile web application being viewed on the mobile device. Try a range of older feature phones, to the most modern smart phone.

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eCommerce 51D Sports, a fictitious sports fashion retailer, demonstrates how a product catalogue, shopping basket and store finder can operate on all mobile devices for online retailers.

Images are optimised precisely for the screen size concerned, the location control is used to determine the location of the mobile device in the store finder, and maps are used to show the precise store position.
QR Code 51D Sports
Reservations This booking system walks through the process of selecting a departure and destination airport, selecting dates, entering different options, selecting flights and finally displaying a summary.

The location control is used to make the selection of a departure airport simpler and quicker delighting end users. Calendar is used to simplify the entry of dates using touch screens. Two different skins have been created for this demonstration, one for iPhone and the other for Android.

The principles included here could be used for any date or location related mobile web application including; hotel reservations, hire car booking, train tickets or meeting appointments.
QR Code Reservations
Examples This one is strictly for the .NET developers and shows how to use all the components of the 51Degrees .Net Mobile Framework. Download the source code from the Examples section on this page. QR Code Examples

Alternatively use your mobile to scan the QR Codes and experience these demonstrations on your mobile device right now.

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