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Short Video Introduction
Further Reading
  • Device Detection
    Taking user agents as input server side device detection calculates all the capabilities of the device accessing a web site enabling enhanced analysis of traffic and optimised high performance web pages on mobile and tablet devices.
  • Mobile Analytics
    Find out which mobile device manufacturers, feature phones, smart phones and tablets to develop for in your country and territory. Charts queried by month, country, manufacturer and device type are available for all major geographies where 51Degrees is deployed.
  • Mobile Optimisaton
    The 51Degrees Framework is a software package that solves many of the problems usually associated with creating, managing and operating mobile web applications. It offers web developers a set of tools that build on the familiarity of Microsoft’s popular ASP.NET framework.
  • Case Studies
    Solutions and services from 51Degrees now help more than 1.5 million web sites support different device types including mobiles and tablets. Read about just some of the businesses large and small across multiple sectors who use 51Degrees today.